Today I had a life change experience...one might say... It was interesting. Today I had an allergy. It all happened as usual - nuts!!! These little damn things ruined not one night out for me, and at this moment I am confident in saying that I am through with them. If I am not, you should print out this page and stick it in my face. Hehe... Well, after eating one too many of 'em, and having a couple of energetic drinks (I was not willing to drink tonight) over them, I started swelling up and itching. After meeting Audrey, Simon and another couple of guys (why are there never chicks in this company?) we headed to the "Northern... something..." pub. The bouncer greeted us, and I was afraid he would think that I am drunk or something, cuz by that time my eyes started to swell (I think its the right word)...Having entered Izzat met some Russian friends and introduced me to 'em, but I was, at that time so sick I said pleased to meet you, and headed to the hospital, that I knew, was right around the corner...The guys (I'm flattered) rushed to follow me, and I convinced Simon not to leave. Audrey was also looking worried. By the time we got to the Leazes Wing reception we found out they couldn't help us and we needed a taxi to take us to another place, where I could get the necessary medical assistance. I went to the bathroom, and there I found out how extreme the situation was!!! My face was mixed of pale and red colors and my eyes where so red, face so swollen that I looked like a fucking amphibian-man...It was shocking. I was not ready to see my perfectly modeled face so crazily damaged (hehe, just kidding). And now the most interesting part!!! - I went out and Izzat told me its gonna take the cab 30 mins to pick us up. I went out to get some fresh air and started seeing spots. I tried to breath steadily to gain control over my body, stop panicking. Then, when that didn't help and Izzo went out with me the spots got bigger. More and more, green and bluish, till I couldn't see anything in front of me. Izzat helped me get inside, and sit down, cuz I was almost falling down and was not even able to see the bench right beside me. For a moment I thought it was the end, I'm gonna lose consciousness, and die...yep this actual though ran through my mind when I remembered a little earlier an incident I heard on the news, where a girl died after her boyfriends kissed her. He ate nuts before that, and the ambulance did not come in time. May she rest in peace....Well, yeah I did think that, and it may sound funny, but as much as I always told myself I wasn't scared of death, I thought about my parents. I was thankful to Izzat, who was sitting to my right, but he just didn't understand the suckiness of the position I was in. I asked for some water and started breathing deeply. Another funny thing is that, by remembering a scene in 'The Incredible Hulk', where Edward Norton was learning how to breath correctly to control his anger strikes, I actually applied it. And the amazing thing is that it helped. I gained a decent degree of control over my body, and even though my neck was killing me for some reason, I started to regain my vision. In time was more or less able to talk and, when I heard the receptionist wanting to cancel the ambulance (yep she requested one earlier, and I really don't know why she wanted to cancel it) I screamed out not to. Well, I tried to scream, but it came out, like a loud whisper. A nurse came down to look at me while we were waiting for the paramedics to come. She tried to talk to me, to take my mind off the pain, and I was... for some reason...really trying to be pleasant and friendly. I even told her how I hate myself for ruining Izzats night. Hehe... The paramedics came, asked some questions and took me to the ambulance. In a fucking wheelchair. I felt...cold...chilly. When I was already in the car, the lady gave me a mask to breath, and some medicine, inserted intravenously into my hand. In time all came to normal, but I was still chilly, even in ague (I think its the right way to say it)... Well at the end of it. I got into a ward, and while waiting for a doctor to see me talked to Izzat. I really appreciate him being by my side in such a situation. After waiting for an hour for the doctor I decided to leave, without being inspected. We went out and headed to the city center. Having decided to have a snack at McDonalds, we went home telling each other 'I remember...' stories...
I really wanted to share all my feelings with someone. I haven't actually shared all of my near-death experience (I would like to regard it as that, at least to an extent) with anyone, and I feel that sharing it with a diary, helped.....And one more thing I discovered tonight is...that I am AWESOME


And here are some photos I wanted to share:

While walking to the city center we decided to take some photos near monuments and stuff. A really appropriate time to do so, we thought to ourselves:jump3:

You can see how my face is still swollen

And here he is - My HERO: :beer:


Sitting in the library. Today I came late for the 1st lecture...Recently, I just can't get up. Something at night always keeps pulling me away from the bed. That's it, I'm tired of this shit, I gotta be serious about this!!!!!!!! Damn it. Have an essay to submit on next Thursday...Kinda worried. Although it is really easy I want to score maximum.
Gotta run to the next lecture - Public law!!! BOOOOORING
Just kidding, it superb. Talk to u later


Zdes v Europe kak vi znaete, vse lyudi ot mala, do velika vsegda vihodyat v svet, kuwayut gde-nibud'. Po etomu restoranniy bizness procvetaet...nu ladno, 4e-t ya ne v tu step.
Segodnya mi s Izzatom soverwili neveroyatnoe. Vstretilis s nim v centre goroda, i rewili osmotreca horowenko. Powli kuda glaza gledyat, a vernee 4erez reku v Gateshead (drugaya 4ast goroda) v bolwoy Mega-Mall pod nazvaniem Metro-Center. On do nedavnih por yavlalsa samim bolshim v Europe. I poyti mi reshili peshkom... Perviy 4as vse shlo bez problem. Mi proshli 4erez Millenium Bridge, uvideli nebolshoy koncert sovremennoy musici - hip-hop i poshli dalshe. Kakim-to obrazom popali v prestijniy rayon, a tam policii mnogo, mi dumaem, nu ohrana, dorogih kvartalov. Okazalos tam proizoshlo prestuplenie... ne znau kakoe. No prishlos idti obratno... V kakoy-to moment mi zabreli v spalniy rayon, dorogi pustie, ludey ne vidno.

Wli-wli-wli i u prohojih sprosili kak do etogo Mall-a dobraca. Nu nam pokazali v kakuyu storonu avtobusi idut, a mi reshili sekonomit, proytis.
Eto bilo ne pravelnim resheniem. 4erez 4as mi dobralis do Metro Centra, ne ustavshie poka, no nashe pozitivnoe nastroenie potihonku nas pokidat na4alo. Okazalos 4to v 5 vse zakrivaetsa, a vremya 4:15...hehe... Bistro probejalis po magazinam, prosto zaglyanuli tuda-suda...

Nashel takie shtani kotorie vi hoteli, 4tob ya kupil. I stoyat ne o4en dorogo. Next- 38 funtov. Budem jdat sale-ov. Ewe progulyalis ustavshie seli na avtobus i poehali....4as do kone4noy stancii. Kogda priehali okazalos 4to mi s drugom konce goroda ot mesta kuda nam nado bilo...Ne osobo univaya, hotya holod nastupal soba4iy, a ya v odnoy mayke, mi poshli peshkom do Izzata obwejitiya...kotoroe po idee bilo v polu 4asah hod'bi (kak vi ponyali mi lubim sebya pomu4at i pohodit). Doshli do avtobusnoy ostanovki, viyasnilos, 4to suda pridet avtobus 4erez 3 minuti i otvezet nas v centr goroda, a ot tuda 15 min do moego obshejitiya. Jdali mi ego 10 minut, prodrogli, a kogda on poyavilsa v dali, podyehal i...proehal ryadom s nami.
Ujas. Lan zatyanul. 4erez 40 minut mi bili u menya doma. Prigotovili pizzu, 4ay i pirog s kuricey i gribami. S udovolstviem poeli, t.k. propustili lunch, ne zavtrakali (anything goes well on an empty stomach) i nashi puteshestviya na segodnya kon4ilis. Teper u menya bolit spina, i ya spat lojus v 11.
Nadeyus vam ponravilsa moy rasskaz... eto 4to-to tipa malenkih odnodnevnih memuarov....hehe...

Do skorogo


Actually this is a copy of my letter to my mother. So as you are guessing, there is much more into the story....Basically it was fucked up, and we are total idiots to do this kind of crap...But at the end of the day... well, it was fun.


Just out of course representative elections... all shaky. I was nominated. Hope I will be chosen by the masses....hehe... but I was really nervous, although everyone said I did a good job. Hope so. Now going to my dining room, where I will have dinner with Izzat. Need to write smthin more interesting...... But what?????????? :alles:


Unfortunately I did forget to write more. Well what can I add to this list of useless comments of my boring life in NCL? First of all, yep, it is kinda getting boring. Second of all, my friend Izzat arrived, so we're bored together now. Hehe... Well at the moment I should be sitting and reading Legal institutions and method, but i don't really feel like doin that. Maybe in a while. Life is good. Nothing to complain about. Parties all the time, that I don't visit, and end up sitting alone in my dorm. People are bitches, bug me out with their british attitude towards life. But it's gonna be alright. Today is friday and I'm thinking of getting out for a beer or something, but I won't. Instead I will sit home and read till I'm blind. Kiddin... Well, I'll try to read as much as possible.
And thats pretty much it for now. Sorry for not supplying any pictures or interesting facts about the existence of humanity or citations of great authors or something....but I don't feel like doin that rite now.
Oh, wait, I've got 1 - Nikogda ne sleduet prenebregat znaniem, otkuda bi ono ne prihodilo - Mary Stewart


So here I am. At this new place, with my new life ahead of me. How do I feel? how do I feeeeel????...... Gotta think about it. Its wierd. Its good. Kinda miss home, but not in a homesick way. The people are nice, and friendly, but the white-blondehair-red-face dudes and chicks are gettin on my nerves. Made some friends. Hit on chicks. Didn't have sex though. Got drunk once. But i'm done with the fooling around thing. Time to get serious. Picked up three books at the library, and sitting with a banana by my side to study, and get a snack :). Write more l8r. peace:dark:


Today was kinda boring... Done with my preparations for the big trip. Listnin to The Game - Game's Pain and Nickelback - Rockstar... Mixed feelings. Gonna miss TC... Sit back watch Game throw his money in the sky


One girl left, and before I start feelin' bad, I find another one 2 hit on... Twice: first my baby leaves for France, and I hang with T., now she left... and before I start feeling bad, "I stop, and be awesome instead", hangin with Z... Damn I'm bad... But u know what they say - Don't Hate the PLAYER, Hate the GAME...
This is it... another day of my life waisted on some bull... Although I did some good stuff, like....well transferring money to the uni and purchasing a ticket to UK where the things that put all plans to an end. But I do have 1 thing left undone, and it's the library fees. But one prick just won't return the money he owes... I think he deserves some good ass kickin'. I would just love to beat him up, just for the hell of it... but, oh well. fuck him. he ain't worth the time... Don't know why... but i just couldn't open my odnoklassniki site.... and now i'm in... another sms from Z... I just asked her out 4 lunch... what she say? nothin interesing... Damn I miss my homies up in the USA... This goes out 2 Sam and Rovsh, my real "rodnie"... my babies...
Ok maybe i'll post smthin more later
Later ;)


Toka 4to pozvonila moya maliwka iz France...ona tam mu4aeca... mne tak za nee grustno.... I wish there was something I could do... Meanwhile ya s drugoy sms-wus' i govoryu 4to lublu... all this shit 4 sex... damn this is bad... I'm a bad person...ow well, fuck it.. I'ma fuck both of 'em and be awesome as usual ;)... Gotovlyus k otyezdu... JOPAWNO... stoka vsego sdelat nado :@ :$


Вот так протекает моя жизнь... Выяснилось, что поеду я 20-го... Так в принципе удобнее, и забот меньше... но каждый день волнуюсь все больше... можно было бы просто взять ноут, пасспорт и с***аться куда подальше... А так, стока напрягов...ужас


Ну здрасте... вот и зарегились на этом сайте с желанием поделица со всеми, а в первую очередь, и с самим собой, всем что происходит в мире, и в моей жизни. Зовут меня Улугбек и мне скоро улетать в UK...волнуюсь... новая жизнь начнется через 4 дня... Жди продолжения

The Motherfuckin Life I Lead