Oh man, that was crazy shit. Надо сесть и хорошенько все расписать. Thats the most I can do with my keyboard layout. The review of my trip. After arriving to London (L) I got down to the tube - THE FAMOUS LONDON TUBE, which is great, amazing and shitty at the same time, got a ticket for 4 pounds(!!!) and got to Russel Square. Stepping out in the rain with an ice cold face, headphones plugged and 2 heave-ass bags made me feel kinda special... Saw my small and so happy waiving me from across the road. She introduced me to her...friends. Now I realized I'm not so certain about wanting to go back home. These were some fine-ass харыпочkas....:alles:
V sorry. Well we went to the hotel which seemed very nice but kinda small, but then again Russel sq, center of fuckin London town. Met Akmal, who turned out to be a funny funky guy, and we have the same interest - Friends. He's a big fan, which was exciting to me. Had some whiskey in a bar. Funny thing - the hotel we stayed in is actually mostly run for students of the "Goodenough College".... What kind of a name is that. It's like, well, at least your in London, and here's a college that would be good enough for ya. And how about we name it that.... Its like the origination of the Halifax name (famous bank in UK). It came out from "Holly Fuck"... Izzo and Danny had a laugh about it and now Dan is Holly Fuck himself. ah off the topic again.

So... Akmal went from the bar strait to Heathrow - Tashkent. Me and my sis went out for....shit... To get something to eat with the Eards. That is Rupert and Catherin, my sister's ex-husbands sister and in-law-bro:roof:... After all these 10 years they still remember me. They are very intelligent and interesting people. Had a decent long conversation with 'em. Rupert cured from cancer, he's been in the army in the 80's and now works with the NHS. All so interesting. Catherin was asking a lot about Uzbekistan, and how are there still as much miliciya on the streets of Tash as it was back in the day....Damn, they even reminisced on how my uncle Durbek-aka taught english people how to drink vodka (they always need to be taught) on my sis's wedding. So many stories. And this couple is planning to get something like a Ferrari or something, a sports car. Fancy, posh. But so gentle, polite, friendly, kind, and even (forgive me Izzat) homey...They have a bit of Uzbek spirit still in them. That is rad.

Ok, this is part 1. I will get back to it, promise:dark:

the Eards

Near the Goodenough Club, soaking under the rain

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