I don't know if I've said it before, but at the moment I'm an intern at Grata Tashkent. And I'm FREAKING proud of myself. Not only is this a chance to learn, a chance to grasp opportunities of actually working side by side with the country's brightest lawyers; this is a chance to earn some money, be independent...welcome to adulthood - it sucks, you're gonna love it :).

I want to show off some of my newfound qualities as a paralegal (I've even have a business card that pronounces me that :)): efficient (when not in soc. networks or, team worker, team leader (at times - the three persons in our group are all alpha-, prominent, centric, opportunitygrabbers), and most importantly - goal orientated. YES WE CAN, and we will and we do.

But thats not the point. The point is I was at work till 22.30 today. The point is I haven't been out for the last 2 weeks. The point is I came up with a solution (not checked per se, but hopefully, solving) that will allow our progress bar get out of the gridlock! AND THE POINT IS - I'M LOVING IT (more than the McDonald's slogan could ever imagine). OK, now, I will take this GT Bulletin on Taxation in RUz 2011 and go read it before bed. And study some German. And be on TOP tomorrow. Sleep when we die. Success is my only motherfucking option, failure's not!!!!!!!!!!

Love life - It may be a bitch, but bitches bring money, if u treat them with love (at times) YEAAAAYAH!!!

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