I don't know how long this post will be, or what I want to express with it. I don't have an image in my mind of what the post should discuss, what message should it carry. I am motivated, and I am writing this post mostly by the direction of my heart, not my mind.

There is no one or a line of events I would like to highlight. A lot of things have changed. I just want to express my fondness and happiness. I am happy. I thank God for this. I am motivated, I strive to succeed. I wish to excel and go beyond my, or mere human (for that matter), capabilities. I wish to LIVE!

Let me describe the line of events that have brought me to write this.

Firstly, it has been the fact that I have to hand in an assignment on Environmental law on the 5th of March. This may sound absurd, but I feel really good about myself in this regard, my determination to write a good piece of work, to start and finish early, to gain a high mark.

Secondly, and most relevantly, I guess, is the fast-approaching arrival of the Spring season. The Sun is out and bright, and I feel good when I walk under it, going to class and gym. Hence, my next point - going to the gym - namely, to the Northumbria swimming pool. There I put out, there I work HARD! Maybe not the hardest I can, but the effort I put in results in a tired and/but satisfying muscle ache. I came home today, after another work-out and went to bed for a good sleep. Got up to eat and will sleep again shortly. And tomorrow I will go to back to point one - work my ass on the essay. And during all of the above it's the chats that I have with my Gul'sum, it also influences me in a positive way.

My next point regards music. And there's been a lot of it, recently. It is in my laptop, as an alarm clock sound, I play it as I get ready for university, I play it during my walks to and from studies, I play it in-between things, and finally it awaits me at home, when I get back. And the interesting fact is that my roommate Manuel is currently working on a mixtape (accessible on - 'Casino Gents' post for February 24, 2012), as well as me going back to my all time favorites - namely Tupac and Michael Jackson.

Moreover, I have been recently watching a lot of videos on both of them and also stumbled on this:

But what inspired me to write this now was this:

And now the routine life is summoning me back inside, so I will go. But I am thankful that I had a chance to write this.

Back on our grind. (Many other stuff has taken place throughout the past months, but one of the most recent things that come to mind is me being accepted to an LPC course in London).

Good bye, and good luck!

@музыка: Techno-elektro-house (thanks to NightRider)