U think that the person you love the most
Is the one who gave you so much hurt
I say that forever can come in a day
But forever in my heart u'll stay

I pray,
for nothing but success and happiness to come to you
And fill your heart and soul with joy, I do.
Its 18 thirty two,

Bright lights over my head as seconds pass through
One thing I want to pledge, is my allegiance to you.
Like MJ said in he's Song 'I'll be there for you'
and kiss you in your heart is what I want to do.

Times will pass, the scars u have will heal
But right now your so beautiful, in your high heels
Let me combine tomorrow and today,
To give you the best of me.

Loving you no more? That ain't me
Filling your eyes with tears of joy, that's what I want to be.
You looking at that dark blue sky,
I'm staring at this paper in front of my eyes

But the thing that makes us one is love
It's in our hearts and flows with our blood
So let the insanity stray within
Until you and I will be together again.

Imagine if I didn't have you one day
I can't, it's like living in a world with no air
So close your eyes tonight and see me in your sweetest dream
With sounds of Temper Trap's Sweet Dispostion in your ears

My baby, Mimishka, little teddy bear
Let me fill your heart with joy and laughter
Togetherness is all I'm after
Just call my name, and I'll be there.

I call and hear three loud fast beeps instead of your voice
I guess you don't want to talk, u think it's just gonna be noise
Although I wanted you to listen
So now I'm sitting all alone, remembering that fight in the kitchen.