There's a lot u can learn when surfing the web, u don't even need to have an objective - the mere will of surf it for pleasure and information. Just a second ago an idea came into my head that in order to learn all the capitals of the world's countries does not have to be looking at the atlas; u can simply Google it, and u'll find it. That's what I did, and without surprise I found it. Then I thought it would be good to have a world atlas around so I found that as well, however what I couldn't find was an atlas without any text, so I could just learn where each country was located. But maybe I didn't look too well. However, when searching I found someone's blog, filled with all these pic's and stuff and there was a picture of David Belle. From Lingvo I've learned that parcoure is 'пробегать, проходить, проезжать; пролетать; объезжать; ходить по...' The idea is that the web can take u wherever u want, and further than that. But at the same time u need to remember to STUDY (gone to do contract law)

And most importantly, I found this work of art