There are no words to discribe the feelings I am going through right now, watching numerous videos of MJ on youtube - his videos, reactions on his death, comments. It makes me feel so...vulnerable maybe. How could all of the present stars refer to the accusations that has dragged this miracle of a person, this inspiration to millions to MUD?!!!!!
I think of time, and of humanity. Wonder if something like this would have happened, had Tupac stuck around for longer. The dirty, the vile, the greedy people living among us, the former fans...those are the ones who did this to you. Those are the same people who first sat around chilling and laughing and dancing, enjoying yout records; and then though...hell why not make some money and blame a guy for some shit... Well FUCK THAT!!! You don't see all the other people, the vast majority of kids who've been in there with him saying anything, but since HE doesn't have proof. Well he doesn't need one!!!!!!!!!! All of him, his nature, his character - all of this tells us, those who BELIEVE, that he was nothing like that.
I shed tears watching some videos, listening to some songs and here's a tribute that I would like to publish, and praise and join in the urge to cherish the thoughts, the memory, the IDOL!!!

Michael Jackson (29.08.1958 – 25.06.2009)
there is still so much not said,
feeling that cannot be translated into words yet
but your music lives on
and through that, all of your fans will forever mourn

We will raise our glasses, raise our heads,
Put on the "Thriller" and say the words of love that we haven't said
But until then, rest in peace Mike
You're the best that the world has ever had

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