Still down, still feeling sad and mourning for the loss of such a great person. I'm not planning on sharing my feelings right now, just to capture this moment, render this time, the memorial service for Michael Jackson. It is strange to me that this process was done from such an approach and in such a manner. Tickets sold for it?!!! I really dishonour the people behind it, trying to get an extra buck for the chance of the fans and friends to pay their tributes to such a figure. Something leads me to think that the father is behind this, and if so, this is just a new low for this person.... Don't want to go into more detail on that.

As for those who performed, or said words of gratitude and love, I want to pay my respects and say that Paris' Jacksons words touched my heart. THAT IS THE REACTION THAT I EXPECTED AND THAT SHOULD HAVE TAKEN PLACE IN THE HEARTS OF MILLIONS!!!!!!!!!!

Will add more as I go on thinking and developing my thoughts on that, and will leave it at this for now.

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