Just some observation I wanted to share. My dream was that I'm in KtKomba chillin with my friends, someone sucking faces, drunken people - the usual. And when I get to the room of the second bar, it appears to be a hall of Piramids, the holding alley between the rooms. Suddenly the door closes and the last thing I see is some man getting on the stage (place with topchans) and saying something about disrespect and I hear (behind closed doors) his bodyguards beating up someone. By that moment I understand it was the director or maybe owner of this place and I see the door open and this man walking out, beaten and bleeding. He says something to a friend that I overhear, don't remember exactly, but something like: man I had enough, I'll be back. So he walkes back in and again the door starts to close, and I see him grabbing that guy by his neck and hear gunshots...

I get worried, pick up all my stuff at the table, and there lies Mustik's phone, and I escort Shaha (???) and she starts talking to Iskandar-aka, who now stands near that same door. I walk around searching for Mustik and I try to enter the room near the one we were in but it's locked and I get worried. Now all the people have gothic-like painted pale faces. Shaha now stands with that same make-up, which is even wierder and I want to drag her away. Suddenly the door which was closed opens, and a....creature walks out, something like Marlin Manson, pale, scary straigh black hair, covered in blood (now I start thinking that he/it was responsible for the shootout or something). I start moving back down the hall, but there's a dead end and some peolpe behind me start panicing. I look at my hand and there instead of a cell appears to be a gun.

I point it at the agressor hoping that it would turn back, but it slowly, like in horror movies start moving towards us (I feel like I'm protecting someone behind me). I shoot to the head, but instead of dying it gets angry, screams and starts running towards us. We move back and a thought runs to my head, something that I wanted to test for a very long time. I stop, shoot a couple of times but since it doesn't help, I start running. I run towards the creature and a second before we collide I jump at it.

Everything is white, the little fear I had is gone. A second later I see the window in my room and I'm lying on my bed awake. It worked. All my childhood I ran from bad species in my dreams hoping to wake up. I lay there thinking of other ways I could kill it or avoid it in general. But it's just a dream and tomorrow I will write something new.

The gist: face your fears, even in dreams, face the enemy; the outcome will always be a brigh light anyway, if not that time, than some other time, so why fear?